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46 Jockey Standings (races)

Pos Name R/W/P/S $ Won Winning %
1 Davis D. 3975/729/692/643 22,879,516 18.34
2 Franco M 4091/671/718/724 21,482,328 16.40
3 Bridgmohan S 3249/591/539/520 20,104,992 18.19
4 Santana R. Jr 2792/447/476/475 16,185,228 16.01
5 Ortiz J. L 2594/400/355/426 13,659,159 15.42
6 Ortiz I. Jr 2051/270/287/286 9,686,404 13.16
7 Saez L 1668/266/225/226 10,985,879 15.95
8 Castellano J 1874/256/282/270 10,093,659 13.66
9 Lloyd J 1522/248/231/236 8,777,914 16.29
10 Gaffalione T 1131/157/166/159 7,312,720 13.88
11 Strydom P 723/106/107/95 4,175,379 14.66
12 Napravnik R 666/88/107/106 3,469,858 13.21
13 Velazquez J 515/52/69/65 1,823,220 10.10
14 Maragh R 373/44/35/52 1,376,835 11.80
15 Van Dyke D. 302/42/49/46 1,607,376 13.91
16 Prat F 274/40/33/32 1,280,555 14.60
17 Rosario J 252/36/47/36 1,295,540 14.29
18 Curtis B A 233/25/42/36 773,485 10.73
19 Cancel E. 218/20/23/45 1,016,415 9.17
20 Baze T 284/20/30/35 668,373 7.04
21 Lopez P. 128/18/14/27 626,275 14.06
22 Murphy O. 88/9/20/9 293,965 10.23
Jockey Age/S/Wt Bios
Baze T 53/M/111 Hire Fee 10%
Bridgmohan S 47/M/114 Makes Return from Long Break
Cancel E. 40/M/110 Hire Fee 10%
Castellano J 39/M/112 Hire Fee 10%
Curtis B A 46/M/114 United Kingdom
Davis D. 40/M/112 Hire Rate 10%
Franco M 32/M/116 Hire Fee 10%
Gaffalione T 42/M/116 Hire Fee 10%
Lloyd J 45/M/112 South Africa
Lopez P. 37/M/112 Hire Fee 10%
Maragh R 46/M/113 Hire Fee 10%
Murphy O. 26/M/112 Hire Fee10%
Napravnik R 33/F/107 USA
Ortiz I. Jr 46/M/115 Hire Fee 10%
Ortiz J. L 45/M/113 Hire Fee 10%
Prat F 36/M/116 Hire Fee 10%
Rosario J 50/M/112 Hire Fee 10%
Saez L 40/M/117 Hire Fee 10%
Santana R. Jr 38/M/117 Hire Fee 10%
Strydom P 38/M/112 South Africa
Van Dyke D. 35/M/109 Hire Fee 10%
Velazquez J 52/M/116 Hire Fee 10%

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