Yesterday's News

Category 1: Track Records Broken or Approached
The Grey Flash from Trunoble Lodge narrowly misses breaking the CAL record at 4f. The Grey Flash posted a quick time of 43.44, just missing the current record of 43.37, which is held by Peace Be With You.

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Sutherland C is on fire! Sutherland C rode 21 horses today, crossing the line first 7 times

Category 4: Streaks
Can The Grey Flash be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Trunoble Lodge
Today's win in the 18th race made it 3 wins in a row for Texas Mile of Greeko Holdem
Today's win in the 4th race made it 3 wins in a row for Sid Vicious of Royal Oaks

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Cheap As Chips reappears. After a drought of 121 days, Cheap As Chips finds himself back in the winner's circle
Lots Of Heart reappears. After a drought of 142 days, Lots Of Heart finds himself back in the winner's circle
Shairesdoublecreate reappears. After a drought of 97 days, Shairesdoublecreate finds himself back in the winner's circle
Autograph reappears. After a drought of 104 days, Autograph finds himself back in the winner's circle
Metropolitan Stables meet the winner's circle. It's been 74 days, but Metropolitan Stables finally sends another winner

Category 6: Claiming News
Greeko Holdem is active on the claiming front - adding 6 horses just from today

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Greeko Holdem10
Licky Boom Boom Now2FDDSF6f1:08.1599
Kentucky Lucky One3GDDSF6f1:08.1299
Sorryaboutnothing2GfClm60001 1/8m1:48.9299
All Boom2GfClm30001 1/8m1:49.1698
Texas Boom3FDDSF6f1:08.3198
Cute As A Button3FDDSF6f1:08.2498
Show Me The Hammer2CMdSpWt5f57.7297
Kalamazoo2FfAlw1 1/8m1:48.9496
Cc Troll2FfClm60001 1/2m2:33.0895
Trunoble Lodge5
Top Of The Class3GDDSF6f1:08.1199
Google Mapz2FDDSF6f1:08.3198
Union Action2GClm120007f1:21.6198
Union Man2GfClm60001m1:35.3997
Union Royale2GClm10006f1:08.4697
Lindas Hammer2CDDSF6f1:08.0899
Just Try Ok2GClm10006f1:08.3398
Son Of L2GClm200005f57.7697
Orb Farms3
Gen - Orb2GDDSF6f1:08.3198
Royal Oaks3
Anne Bonney3FfAlw4f43.5999
Liebmans Bronx Ny3CfClm30001 1/8m1:49.5596
Bayou Pastrami3FfClm60006f1:08.9995
Winner Circle Ranch3
Church On Time2FfClm120007f1:21.7797
Spot On Ecko2CAlwS1 1/8m1:49.7494
Cbrr3CfClm120001 1/4m2:04.3992
Star Of The Desert2
Frisco Bound3GClm10006f1:08.6996
More Options2GClm100001m1:35.6795
Flip Farms2
Hand Out2GfClm30006f1:08.6897
Oil Can2GfClm120007f1:21.7797
Brown Eyes Blue2FfClm385001m1:35.0197
Dragon Tattoo1
War Beast7GClm10001 1/2m2:32.9091
Larry The Cat Racing1

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
All In MoveAll American HeroShe's FreakyGreeko Holdem1:09.44
Always Lose Winnings-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.70
Broke Me-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.23
C V SClear ViewSerlingFlip Farms1:09.19
Cash FanaticThe Money BoomFanjeauxOrb Farms1:09.60
Creeper-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.46
Exactly Like ThatRogerthatmoonrakerUnderdog Blue ChipBlue Chip Farm1:09.18
Going FastGoingforthe5peatHastyChrisman1:09.41
Going For LoveGoingforthe5peatPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.41
Google WhoGoogleplexNever SlewGoof Troop1:09.18
Great LinkVreenakPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.24
Hammer GirlHammer Of GizaGirl Most LikelyTrunoble Lodge1:09.30
HangumhighHerb KillerLychanthropeGoof Troop1:09.09
He Biffed It-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.63
London BlueBlue BuckRound LondonTrunoble Lodge1:09.10
Love That TigerTarynsgonnabeatigerPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.48
Man In Black-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.63
Mandatory Geld-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.45
Orblique-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.50
Orbsessive-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.51
Pan Fried PiratePirate Of PenzancePan FriedTrunoble Lodge1:09.50
Ran Long-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.52
Skipping RacingSkipping StonesPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.33
Southern BucksBlue BuckThe Southern CrossGreeko Holdem1:09.46
Summer Drive-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.50
TarisVreenakPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.30
Tiger LoverTarynsgonnabeatigerPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.40
UnabomberMagic NumbersOrbohydrateBuddha Farms1:09.38
Unnamed41380Clear Kentucky ViewKity Kity KityLarry The Cat Racing1:09.64
Unnamed41382GoogleplexRound LondonTrunoble Lodge1:09.17
Unnamed41384-Created--Created-Trunoble Lodge1:09.30
Unnamed41387-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.69
Unnamed41388-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.52
Unnamed41389-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.25
Unnamed41391-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.69
Unnamed41393-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.42
Unnamed41394-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.46
Unnamed41396-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.63
Unnamed41397-Created--Created-Trunoble Lodge1:09.92
Unnamed41398Ecko's BoySnow Ball GalStar Of The Desert1:09.47
Unnamed41399Herb KillerFast Old FoolDonovan Stables1:09.33
Unnamed41402Skipping StonesPor Un AmorChrisman1:09.47
Unnamed41412-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.70
Unnamed41413-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.71
Unnamed41414-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.86
Unnamed41415-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.72
Unnamed41417-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.77
Unnamed41423-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.54
Unnamed41424-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.56
Unnamed41425-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.54
Unnamed41426-Created--Created-Orb Farms1:09.81
Unnamed41429Jump And JiveHungry BeastAloya1:09.37
VolpangoConfusionWalesDragon Tattoo1:09.65
Who Wants CoffeeGamblin Aint GreekOn Blueberry HillGreeko Holdem1:09.16

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Always Lose Winnings1C0/0/00
American Justice2G0/0/0240
Better Bloodlines2F1/0/13400
Crack Spot2G0/1/21020
Crackle Tackle2F0/0/00
Face The Nation2G1/0/34332
Fluffy White Cloud2F0/0/00
Gen Finely Tuned3C3/2/241309
Girl Most Likely4F6/7/125924
River Wild2G1/2/316197
Wedding Photo2G0/0/0919

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Top-producing mare (in earnings) during the current meet:
1Generation ExOrb Farms1069538
3HotspursWinner Circle Ranch763138