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Yesterday's News

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Foggydan Farms wins 7 races in a day! Foggydan Farms sent 25 horses to post today and earned 7 wins, 1 places, and 6 shows
Chrisman wins 6 races in a day! Chrisman sent 30 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 7 places, and 5 shows
Chrisman shows its class today earning 136288 and winning 6 races in 30 Starts
Taylorandtaryn shows its class today earning 147000 and winning 4 races in 17 Starts
Velazquez J is on fire! Velazquez J rode 20 horses today, crossing the line first 6 times
Sutherland C is on fire! Sutherland C rode 28 horses today, crossing the line first 6 times
Curatolo R is on fire! Curatolo R rode 27 horses today, crossing the line first 7 times

Category 4: Streaks
Chrisman consistently sending winners. For the 6th consecutive day, Chrisman sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Runaway Stable meet the winner's circle. It's been 23 days, but Runaway Stable finally sends another winner

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Holy Consternation3FfClm395005f57.4599
Budget Surplus2GClm295007f1:21.3797
Bye Bye Zeta3GfClm30001m1:35.6996
Dyno Sauce2GfClm30001m1:35.9295
Blazin Gold3GAlwS1m1:35.0899
Idontknowholy2GMdC200001 1/4m2:02.8098
Taylorslastry4GClm10001 1/8m1:48.7897
Polly Power2FfMdSpWt1 1/4m2:03.0896
Idontknownorm2GfClm120001 3/8m2:18.6093
Lasvegasbound3GfClm120001 3/8m2:18.5993
Pancho Racing Stables5
Kid Firecracker3GfClm60006f1:08.6797
Korean Axis2FfAlwS1m1:35.3997
Holy Hitchhiker3GfOpenAlw6f1:08.6097
Miss Piggy3FfMdC285001 1/8m1:49.9493
Metropolitan Stables3
Bayou Commander2CAlw6f1:08.1699
Unforseen Obstacles2FfClm395001 3/8m2:18.0496
Commanding Officer2FfClm20005f57.8496
Greeko Holdem2
Aussie Union3GClm295007f1:21.4497
Foggydan Farms2
Showing Speed3GfClm60006f1:08.5398
Real Good Route2GClm395001 3/8m2:18.0296
Blue Chip Farm1
El Criminal2CAlw5f57.3099
Second To None1
This Is Magic2CAlw6f1:08.4597
King G Racing1
Hell Bent2GMdSpWt1 1/4m2:02.8897

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Cyril The SquirrelTarrasqueRichard The BraveWinning Ways1:09.32
Ecko CitySpeedy EckoPrime CityChrisman1:09.25
Happy Wedding DayDairy FarmerSs Screaming EagleBlue Chip Farm1:09.57
Long Time WeddingTalk To Papa NormanShegotwhatittakeBlue Chip Farm1:09.17
Mudder RudderWho Got You BmsMud N FunKing G Racing1:09.17
OrbatronicInsightPlaymakerOrb Farms1:09.49
Unnamed48915-Created--Created-Beastmode Stables1:37.26
Unnamed48916-Created--Created-Beastmode Stables1:09.64
Wandering CityWandering PrincePrime CityChrisman1:09.38

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
Drop The Chalupa4C0/4/116238
Happy To See You6M1/1/14461
Happy Wedding Day2F0/0/00
Head Games5H1/0/26080
Jean-luc Picard7H4/2/231189
Maybe Not5M4/4/226745
Miss Tipsy6M2/0/217622
Prime Directive7H2/2/414858
Speed Tested3F1/2/130198
Tardy Texan2F0/0/2600
The Big Bang Theory2C0/0/13500

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Highest earnings per race this season - Horse:
1Ecko CityChrisman59000
2Master Breeder GKing G Racing55000
3Lotto MaxGreeko Holdem54500