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Yesterday's News

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Trunoble Lodge wins 5 races in a day! Trunoble Lodge sent 23 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 7 places, and 2 shows
Pancho Racing Stables wins 5 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 26 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 6 places, and 3 shows
Baze R. is on fire! Baze R. rode 23 horses today, crossing the line first 6 times

Category 4: Streaks
Today's win in the 19th race made it 3 wins in a row for Look Elsewhere of Star Of The Desert
Today's win in the 22th race made it 3 wins in a row for Gorkon of Chrisman
Trunoble Lodge consistently sending winners. For the 3rd consecutive day, Trunoble Lodge sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 7th consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Look Elsewhere reappears. After a drought of 185 days, Look Elsewhere finds himself back in the winner's circle
Mechanical Beast reappears. After a drought of 160 days, Mechanical Beast finds himself back in the winner's circle

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables4
J Cash3GClm30005f57.7197
Gamblin Tonight3CClm30007f1:21.9096
Aussie Twist2GMdC200001m1:35.2495
Seeyoulater4GfClm30001 1/4m2:03.9894
Trunoble Lodge3
Full Of Holes2GClm30007f1:21.6897
Twilight Surprise2CfClm395007f1:21.5096
Slice Of Heaven3FfClm295001 3/8m2:18.7492
Flip Farms3
Ecko Fiber2GClm10001m1:34.7098
Carbon Glory2FfClm200006f1:08.5298
Getting Late2GfClm120001 3/8m2:18.5993
Speak Quickly2FfClm60004f43.8398
Speedy Nucleus2GAlw1 1/4m2:02.8098
Desperado Racing Team2
Le Diable3GfClm60004f43.4999
Espejismo4GfClm60001 1/4m2:03.4696
Second To None1
Special Pat3GfOpenAlw1m1:34.6898
Buddha Farms1
Master Of Pain2GClm200006f1:08.6197
Foggydan Farms1
Cc Fast Finish2FfClm295001 3/8m2:17.6598
Tockyocky Racing1
Sheza Diamond2FfAlw1 1/4m2:02.9897
Winner Circle Ranch1
Missing Champ Fee2GfClm200001 1/4m2:04.0893
Dragon Tattoo1
Rr Stables1
Aussie Union4GfClm30005f57.5698

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
All The SmokeFinal FourBrake NoiseTockyocky Racing1:09.58
AnniversaryBalls Of SteelConjurerWinning Ways1:09.24
Blood ThroneFinal FourThe Last EckoTockyocky Racing1:09.48
Chocolate FondueBox Of ChocolatesOpen For BusinessTrunoble Lodge1:09.44
Clout ChaserFinal FourLate Night LilyTockyocky Racing1:09.56
Colonol FiberColonolCarbon FiberFlip Farms1:09.33
DakboxDakaraBox OfficeChrisman1:09.36
Deliver The NoiseFinal DeliveryBrake NoiseTockyocky Racing1:09.44
G O DFinal FourBrake NoiseTockyocky Racing1:09.35
Get The StrapFinal FourHoward Dean PleaseTockyocky Racing1:09.38
Go To KentuckyTo Long To GoKentucky LoveSecond To None1:09.34
Gotta Move HomieFinal FourMoonlight MagicTockyocky Racing1:09.41
JalepenoFinal FourHoward Dean PleaseTockyocky Racing1:09.50
Just A Little Bit-Created--Created-Pancho Racing Stables1:09.18
Just Came Too Town-Created--Created-Pancho Racing Stables1:09.41
King FreezeGreek IslesQueen Of IceGoof Troop1:09.01
Majestic PrinceFinal FourBrake NoiseTockyocky Racing1:09.17
Momentary SilenceFinal FourThe VoucherTockyocky Racing1:09.50
Q U E E NFinal FourBrake NoiseTockyocky Racing1:09.50
Rubber StampedFinal FourPit Of MiseryTockyocky Racing1:09.50
Star TurnEat My ShortsBox OfficeWinning Ways1:09.31
Stealing The ThunderDrop ZoneWho Stole My PurseGreeko Holdem1:09.50
Supa Fly-Created--Created-Tockyocky Racing1:09.43
Texas AceAce On The RiverTexas PerfectGreeko Holdem1:09.34
Unnamed50877-Created--Created-Runaway Stable1:09.72
Unnamed50885DakaraBox OfficeChrisman1:09.64
Unnamed50896-Created--Created-Pancho Racing Stables1:09.52
Unnamed50899Fast Is Not GoodBox OfficeBlue Chip Farm1:09.39
Unnamed50900Final FourTune UpTockyocky Racing1:09.46
Unnamed50902Sir LucanBox OfficeBlue Chip Farm1:09.17
Whos Home-Created--Created-Flip Farms1:09.45

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings
All World3F4/4/370750
Aussie Freak3F4/4/241988
Dark Steff3F3/3/248325
Doctor Link3G1/5/220048
Ecko James2F0/1/04750
Gamblin Tonight3C7/5/598096
Got Booted3G7/6/270352
Howard Dean Please14M7/15/7183217
Its All Words3F3/4/338978
Kentucky Love4F9/7/9223225
Lazy Susan5M7/3/447357
Low Power3F4/4/140088
Not A Chance3F4/6/429795
Short Hopper2F1/0/411850
Spooky House3F2/2/220775
Stealing The Thunder2F0/0/00
Table Min2C0/0/00
The Crown Blue Chip2G0/0/02750
The Falls2G0/1/14950
Uss Voyager3G3/5/174235
Wild Wind3F3/5/334945
Xxpsychotic Girl2F0/0/00

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Top-producing mare (in earnings) during the current meet:
2Twilight TearDesperado Racing Team524225