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Yesterday's News

Category 1: Track Records Broken or Approached
Blood Sister from Taylorandtaryn narrowly misses breaking the CAL record at 1m. Blood Sister posted a quick time of 1:34.91, just missing the current record of 1:34.86, which is held by Magic Gypsy.

Category 3: Big Days for jockeys or trainers
Trunoble Lodge wins 6 races in a day! Trunoble Lodge sent 19 horses to post today and earned 6 wins, 3 places, and 7 shows
Trunoble Lodge shows its class today earning 115889 and winning 6 races in 19 Starts
Pancho Racing Stables wins 5 races in a day! Pancho Racing Stables sent 19 horses to post today and earned 5 wins, 3 places, and 2 shows
Sutherland C is on fire! Sutherland C rode 29 horses today, crossing the line first 8 times

Category 4: Streaks
Today's win in the 8th race made it 3 wins in a row for Dak P of Pancho Racing Stables
Can Tarynpaidoffnorm be stopped? Make it 4 in a row for the star from Taylorandtaryn
Today's win in the 2nd race made it 3 wins in a row for Happy Runner of Seinfeld
Today's win in the 3rd race made it 3 wins in a row for Bricks And Mortar of Pancho Racing Stables
The dominance continues. Make it 6 in a row for Return To Basix, the monster horse from Trunoble Lodge
Trunoble Lodge consistently sending winners. For the 4th consecutive day, Trunoble Lodge sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.
Pancho Racing Stables consistently sending winners. For the 5th consecutive day, Pancho Racing Stables sees at least three of its ponies in the winner's circle.

Category 5: Back on the Radar
Blood Sister reappears. After a drought of 114 days, Blood Sister finds himself back in the winner's circle

Section 2: Yesterday's Winners

StableWinsHorse NameA/SClassDistTimeSpd
Pancho Racing Stables12
Let Freedom Ring4CfClm200006f1:08.3799
Grey With Curls2GfClm120007f1:21.6198
Big Papa2GMdSpWt6f1:08.7597
Tax Collector3GTCR7f1:21.6997
Dont Worry Be Happy2FTCR1 1/4m2:03.3197
Pancho Warrior3GfClm60007f1:21.8397
Guiseppe Verde2GAlwS1 1/8m1:49.4296
Vacation Time2FfAlwS1 1/8m1:49.2696
No Body Knows4GfClm60007f1:22.0096
Female Oracle2FfClm30001 1/4m2:03.9794
Holy Flyer2GAlw6f1:08.1499
Gul Dukat2CDDSQ5f57.5798
Prince Nobody2GTCR1 1/4m2:03.6096
Taryns Streak4GfClm30001 1/4m2:03.7695
Quick Beast3GfClm120007f1:22.0595
Trunoble Lodge7
Hooked On Life2GAlw7f1:21.3897
Consumer Data2CfClm120007f1:21.7497
Strong Will3GfClm300007f1:21.7897
Winter Wonderland4GfClm120007f1:22.0995
Day Star3FfClm200001 1/4m2:03.8994
Centurion Sword2GfMdC60001 1/4m2:04.1993
Foggydan Farms6
Cc Smash And Grab4GDDSQ5f57.4099
Glass Of Classy2CMdSpWt7f1:21.5998
Whip To Finish2GfClm300007f1:21.5298
Oblivion Bound2FDDSQ5f57.7697
Rapid Phyre2GfClm200006f1:08.6797
Tockyocky Racing5
Birds Fly2FfClm10007f1:21.4798
What Up Kid2GClm10007f1:21.5398
Slaughter In The Que2FfClm10007f1:21.6697
Dahlias Den2FfAlw7f1:21.4597
Two Bit Farms2GClm10007f1:21.9796
Royal Oaks2
Bare Foot2FfAlwS7f1:21.4598
Red Hat Or Hood2FfAlw7f1:21.3497
Spider Spider3GAlw1 1/4m2:02.9097
Splashy Kisses3FfAlw7f1:21.6596
Flip Farms1
All Thumbs3FDDSQ5f57.5598
Second To None1
Angel Of Light3FfOpenAlw6f1:08.5398
Donovan Stables1
Candy Corn Crown2FfMdSpWt6f1:08.3998
Nut Brown Racing1
Nb One Buck Bonnie2FfMdC60007f1:21.3599
BC Racing1
Elf S Presley2CAlw7f1:21.3397

Section 3 - Breeding Activity

Horse NameSireDamStableFirst Workout Time
Last BloodBlood FameLock N LoadRoyal Oaks1:09.22
Unnamed54319Box Of ChocolatesMillenialTrunoble Lodge1:09.24
Unnamed54320King HoelMeghan KnightTrunoble Lodge1:09.08

Section 4 - Gone From the Track

Horse NameSexW/P/SEarnings

Section 5 - Did You Know?

Highest earnings per race this season - Stable:
1BC Racing9417
2Tockyocky Racing7390
3Foggydan Farms6541