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38 Jockey Standings (races)

Pos Name R/W/P/S $ Won Winning %
1 Sutherland C 1488/460/334/297 5332688 30.91
2 Curatolo R 1183/258/281/217 3826437 21.81
3 Ortiz I. Jr 1095/204/228/229 3193516 18.63
4 Castellano J 973/155/189/194 2890789 15.93
5 Maragh R 716/106/112/151 1582055 14.80
6 Gomez G 514/84/81/89 1992662 16.34
7 Velazquez J 353/61/49/58 1589870 17.28
8 Bejarano R 388/53/65/67 1151529 13.66
9 Napravnik R 249/31/53/49 712958 12.45
10 Baze T 160/21/30/29 303043 13.12
11 Lagunes G 107/17/11/23 304099 15.89
12 Smith J 148/12/21/22 466738 8.11
13 Rose J 91/10/14/17 312301 10.99
14 Morrison N 70/7/12/12 132146 10.00
15 Baze R. 31/6/2/6 75953 19.35
16 Bridgmohan S 12/3/3/0 38541 25.00
17 Oliver D 47/3/4/11 133188 6.38
18 Garcia A 13/2/0/1 25525 15.38
19 Leparoux J. 14/2/0/3 23742 14.29
20 Stevens G. 26/2/4/2 30643 7.69
21 Moore R. 19/2/2/0 89291 10.53
22 Trujillo E 7/1/0/0 12138 14.29
23 Abarado J 12/1/4/1 23254 8.33
24 Kah J 2/1/0/1 4635 50.00
25 Pham V 1/0/0/0 0 0.00
26 Lopez DJ 11/0/2/6 15498 0.00
27 Solis A 2/0/0/1 16400 0.00
28 Bravo J 1/0/0/0 0 0.00
29 Cordero A Jr 3/0/0/0 0 0.00
30 Smith M. E. 1/0/0/0 0 0.00
31 Vergara F 1/0/1/0 2430 0.00
32 Castro C 3/0/0/1 7960 0.00
33 Valasquez C 1/0/0/0 0 0.00
34 Talamo J 14/0/1/7 27404 0.00
35 Rosario J 4/0/1/1 7140 0.00
36 Whitney D. 4/0/0/0 551 0.00
37 Borel C 2/0/1/0 9313 0.00
Jockey Age/S/Wt Bios
Abarado J 51/M/109 Useful Miler and seems to score on Turf GRADE: B-
Baze R. 38/M/109 Has won a lot of races at other tracks. Can he do the same here?GRADE: A-
Baze T 45/M/111 Not happy with the mounts his agent is securing.GRADE: A
Bejarano R 42/M/112 Loves the big time horses in big time racesGRADE: A-
Borel C 43/M/114 Generates early speed, excels at mid distance on Dirt tracksGRADE: B
Bravo J 39/M/114 Solid versatile jockey Has a new agent. GRADE: B+
Bridgmohan S 39/M/114 Eassily loses his concentration in longer races. GRADE: B+
Castellano J 31/M/112 Continues his dominance...Top class GRADE A+
Castro C 48/M/117 Not as bad as some think he is. GRADE: B-
Celaya A 35/M/108 Currently running a step below the best at 8F-10F GRADE: C+
Coa E 45/M/112 Not getting out of the gate clean lately and is performing better in route turf. GRADE: D+
Cordero A Jr 27/M/110 About as average as they come. GRADE C+
Curatolo R 35/M/107 Determined to be top jock in season 37 GRADE: A-
Desormeaux K 28/M/111 Best in springs but could still use some work. GRADE: B-
Elliot S 47/M/116 Does well on turf but lacks in other areas. GRADE: D+
Garcia A 33/M/114 Needs to learn to get more out his mounts. Grade: B+
Gomez G 40/M/114 Gomez is at the top of his game and demanding a bigger cut GRADE A+
Hudson S 51/F/110 Hasn't found a sweet spot or a go to connection. Likes a turf sprint trip GRADE: C-
Kah J 31/F/108 Prefers Dirt tracks and some distance. Prefers to settle in and look for the close GRADE: B
Lagunes G 37/M/109 Very confident rider and apparently has had his Manager securing additional mounts.GRADE: A
Leparoux J. 33/M/109 Has turned into an above average jock. GRADE: B+
Lopez DJ 50/M/109 Great on turf and has the speed, but lacks in other areas. GRADE: C+
Maragh R 38/M/113 Determined to be the top jockey this season.GRADE: A-
Moore R. 39/M/117 One step away from being a top jock. GRADE: B+
Morrison N 22/M/111 HOF Stable Jockey. Work with mentor M.E. Smith is paying off. Grade B
Napravnik R 27/F/107 Likes the early lead in routes and looks to run away gamely GRADE: A-
Nelson D 33/F/114 May need to work on his stamina but has proven his value in sprints GRADE: C
Oakford R 39/M/109 All he wants is a mount on good horses in the good races with distance - Higher ITM% on Dirt GRADE: C+
Oliver D 50/M/117 Likes the speedy types but can go long, Higher ITM on turf GRADE: B-
Ortiz I. Jr 34/M/115 Clipping at Javier's heels...Confident in any mount. GRADE: A
Pham V 21/M/109 New Jock being mentored by M. E. Smith Grade B-
Rosario J 42/M/112 Has his strong points and some weak. GRADE: C+
Rose J 35/M/104 Top Notch Hall of Famer...May have taken a step back.GRADE: A
Smith J 47/F/112 Can't ask for more from the top default Jock by earnings. GRADE: A-
Smith M. E. 56/M/117 Solid Choice but starting to show his age. GRADE: B +
Solis A 46/M/109 Solid mounts and prefers races over 7F on any surface.GRADE: B
Stevens G. 58/M/115 May call it a career soon. GRADE: B+
Sutherland C 42/F/107 Reigning top jock. Hopes to keep winning. GRADE: A-
Talamo J 46/M/114 Like the tough ask and has an appetite for sprint races on Turf GRADE B
Trujillo E 45/M/115 Not in top form but still scores in Turf routes GRADE: D-
Valasquez C 32/M/114 Disappointed he doesnt get to showcase his abilities. GRADE: B+
Velazquez J 44/M/116 Brags in the jockey room that he is the best sprinter jockey for 200 miles GRADE: A-
Vergara F 47/M/116 A Route Turf Jock with a fresh outlook GRADE: C-
Whitney D. 48/M/116 In better form and carries a nice ITM% on Dirt tracks GRADE: B-