Digital Downs Inaugural Rookie League

The world’s best virtual horse racing game is easy to get started, but challenging and fun to learn.

Sign up now for our inaugural Rookie League, a points based tournament style contest for new and rookie stables. The purpose of this is league is to give our new members a taste of what its like to train and race for a fraction of the cost!

Who may join? Any new stable or existing stable with less than 20 career wins.
What if I pass 20 wins before the league fills? No worries so long as you meet the requirement when you join the league.
How do I join? Simply post here and you will be added to the list once your entry fee is taken.
How much is the entry fee? 10,000 game credits.
How does it work? Once 20 stables sign up.You will be given 4 vouchers (which normally cost 28,000 credits so you are already a winner) Use these vouchers to create a 2 year old colt, a 2 year old filly, a 3 year old colt and a 3 year old filly. Weekly races will be schedule exclusively for these horses. These races will be free to enter and have a purse of 5,000 bonus credits Race in these races to earn points. Race in regular races outside the series against tougher competition to earn double points.
How does the point system work? Points depend on the number of horses in the race. If there are 5 horses in the race and you finish last you will get 1 point. First place would get 5 points plus a one point bonus for winning. Will work the same in the races outside the series except your points will be doubled. So for example you win a 5 horse race against outside competition. You will receive 12 points total.
How long will this go on? Eight weeks.
Wait wait.that all sounds nice but what do I win? At the end of the 8 week series the stable with the most points wins 200,000 credits plus 50,000 bonus credits. Second place win 50,000 credits plus 25,000 bonus credits.
What if I don’t finish first or second? No guarantees but we have a very helpful community here. There is a good chance some consolation prizes will also be offered.
Okay I’m in. What do I do now? Simply register for the game if you haven’t yet and post here saying i want to play. Then play and learn the game until the league starts. More details will follow then.